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The SoulKeeper Virtual Reality Gets Early Access Release Date

There has been some debate in virtual reality (VR) circles recently over the merits of various systems of locomotion in VR titles. Wishing to present players with more choice and offer player comfort to those more sensitive to motion sickness, the developers are planning to include multiple locomotion methods, including controller-based movement, room-scale movement and […]

Ten industries using augmented reality and virtual reality

We know AR and VR will be big for entertainment, but there are plenty of other industries interested in these new technologies. If you’re a gamer, odds are you know that augmented and virtual reality are poised to change the entertainment industry. However, entertainment isn’t the only space where AR and VR are making inroads. […]

This Week In VR Sport: Intel Are Thinking About The Future

The mood might very well be games bsed at the moment with this year’s Electronic Extertainment Expo, better known as E3, around the corner.  But that doesn’t mean there is one sports story relating to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to satiate your interest. So let’s look at what has occurred this week. Intel Are Thinking About The […]

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